We invest in founders with a passion for the disruptive force of a connected world.

Center Electric believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the most revolutionary expansion of computing since the dawn of the personal computer. The Things themselves are a bellwether of the Internet's Third Wave.

The First Wave was the prevalence of desktop connectivity. The Second Wave was the rapid connection of more screens, including laptops, mobile and tablets. The Third Wave is the expansion of connectivity to everything else, for both industrial and consumer use. Early indicators of this are the rise of cloud computing, the development of low power wireless technologies, and the initial rise of connected objects.

Many venture capital firms interested in this space focus on shiny objects, the Things, the one consumer start up in a thousand that will make it big. These opportunities will not succeed, however, without a powerful and stable ecosystem enabling these concepts to come to life quicker and more efficiently.  An ecosystem provides these innovators with context needed to focus on their differentiation.

To build this new Internet ecosystem, investments must be made in the underlying infrastructure needed to support IoT as well as the hardware that takes advantage of it. We must scale the infrastructure to support an additional 50 billion devices by 2020. Center Electric is a firm designed to invest in the full stack, for both the Internet as well as the Things. 



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